About Robert Grant

Insisting on quality down to the smallest detail is what Robert Grant strives for in operating his building company.  The unique background of the founder of Robert S. Grant Construction fosters innovation and creativity in the building process.  Born in Birmingham, AL, Robert spent time throughout the southeast as a child.  By the age of 17, he was performing superintendent duties on three and four jobs at once.  A trained dive master, Robert moved to Tourquay, England to do some salvage diving among shipwrecks from WWI and WWII.  This time spent in Tourquay enabled him to become familiar with the architecture in this location. While in England, Robert stayed on the grounds of Agatha Christie's personal house and had the opportunity to go inside many of the older and more elegant estates in England.  Robert's work is also grounded in Southern architecture inspired by his grandparent's in Marietta, GA.  Building runs in the family, his great-grandfather, W.P. Stevens, built a house for Woodrow Wilson's aunt in the late 19th century.  Upon returning from Europe, Robert decided that he wanted to branch out on his own.  He started Robert S. Grant Construction, Inc. with the purpose of using the highest quality materials and excellent subcontractors. The first house he ever built was a simple two-story house, but the quality of that house is something he is still proud of today.